The Concept

Over the last decade, so called “teardrop trailers” have made their presence known across the US and the world. It seems that smaller really is becoming fashionable. With this idea in mind, we came up with the Hitch Hotel™. Originally thought up to provide a sleeping area for downhill mountain bikers while also keeping bikes secure during travel, the Hitch Hotel™ idea has expanded into the weekend camper/adventurer simply looking to get away for the weekend or a long vacation. The simple and light-weight design allows any vehicle with a Class 3 or higher hitch rating to carry it. Every Hitch Hotel™ can come with a host of different options, or be outfitted with just the basics. Each Hitch Hotel™ has over 7 feet of sleeping area with a minimum of 58” of width. (almost a queen size bed) Each Hitch Hotel™ is equipped with taillights for traveling safety. And when you’re done using your Hitch Hotel™, simply back it into your garage and store it in less than 3 feet of space.


Less than 3 ft wide, the Hitch Hotel™ will fit through your front door. Storage is never a problem.


With over 135 cu-ft of space and a host of available options, you'll think and feel that you're in an RV that's 10x the size of the Hitch Hotel™.

Rest Easy

Comfortable for 2 very tall adults, the Hitch Hotel™ allows you to rest easy as you prepare for your next day's adventure.

Trend Setting

We believe the Hitch Hotel™ is going to change the way people go RVing. We’re just getting started and would love your support. Be one of the first 100 to own a Hitch Hotel Classic by pre-ordering today. With your help, we are confident that the Hitch Hotel™ will set new and exciting trends.

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