Factory Five Ambassador Program


Are you good with people? A good salesman? Love to camp? If so, we’re looking for you to help brand the Hitch Hotel across the USA and the world. We’re currently accepting applications for our Factory Five Program. We’ll be choosing 5 individuals to become brand ambassadors. If you’re selected, we’ll provide you with a Hitch Hotel Classic and a ton of promotional products and marketing material to hand out as you show the world what the newest craze in RVing is.

Simply send us an email at info@hitchhotel.com telling us a little about yourself and why you believe you would be a good representative of the Hitch Hotel brand. Do you race bicycles and have the ability to show the Hitch Hotel at your events? Are you a traveler that spends a lot of time in campgrounds? Do you go off on weekend adventures to hike, fish, surf, hunt, rock climb? Whatever you do, we want to know about it. Additionally, tell us about the vehicle that you’ll be using to get the Hitch Hotel to your destination. Oh, and one last fun point: If you happen to be able to find people on your adventures that want to purchase a Hitch Hotel product, we’ll pay you $250.00 as a commission for each Hitch Hotel that is purchased using your name. You can pass the savings on to the purchaser, donate it to your favorite charity, or simply use the money to buy more gas so you can go on more adventures!

We’ll be choosing 5 ambassadors on Jan. 31. There is zero cost to be an ambassador, but you’ll be required to sign a release form from Hitch Hotel Inc. You’ll be sent 1 Hitch Hotel Classic and all necessary promotional and marketing material to keep. We expect the delivery date to be on or before April 1, 2018.

And finally, We’re looking forward to you telling everybody about “The World’s First Expandable, Wheel-less Trailer”.