Hitch Hotel is “Going Live Worldwide”


Hey Everybody!

It’s been about 30 days since our last newsletter so I decided to get everybody up to date. First, I want to thank all of you for signing up to our newsletter. Our company is very young and we’re learning a lot of new things as we go, but we wouldn’t be anything without you guys. The month of March was an extremely busy time for us. Since moving our manufacturing from China to the USA in late December, we’ve been gearing up for our launch. It’s been a huge feat to get manufacturing set up in less than 90 days, but we got it done. The final step for us was building the fiberglass molds for the outer shells. This was the hardest of all the steps as each of the 3 shell molds are measured to exacting standards and are completely hand built. This process usually takes about 45 days with a team of workers. We did it in 30 days with 3 people. Having said all of the above, we’re excited to report that we’ll begin manufacturing the outer shells next week. We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

First 100 Club

We can’t begin to properly thank all of you that have signed up for the First 100 Club. To date we’re over 85% sold out. We only have 100, so we’re very excited to begin producing these special edition Hitch Hotel Classics for you. As we’ve said before, being a part of this club is like being a part of our family. You’ll be receiving things that won’t be available to any other customers. We’ve sent out a ton of First 100 Club t-shirts already. If you haven’t received your t-shirt yet, you will shortly. We actually ran out of them! If you haven’t given us your t-shirt size and address, please do so when you can. It’s just a small token of our appreciation for signing up with us. If you haven’t signed up for the First 100 Club, now’s the time to do so because they’re almost all gone. As we’ve said before, there’s still no obligation to purchase the Hitch Hotel when we begin taking credit card information. You can cancel your order at any time.

Launch Date

We had hoped to launch at the end of March. However, we’re being extremely critical of our manufacturing process and it’s taken us a little longer. We’ll be announcing our launch date within 2 weeks. The launch will be within 30 days from today. Our First 100 Club and Inside the Box Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know our “Going Live Worldwide” date. This will allow each of you the time to decide if you’re ready to purchase the Hitch Hotel before we go live.

In closing, I would like to apologize for the delays in getting the “World’s First Expandable, Wheel-less Trailer”to you. It’s extremely important to me that it be absolutely perfect before we let the world see it. We’ve spared no expense to get it right, and we believe that the wait will be well worth it. We can’t wait for all of you to be a part of our journey!

As always, thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns you can always email me at geoff@hitchhotel.com. I try to answer my email every day and look forward to hearing from you. It’s going to be a fun ride.


Geoff Patterson
Co-Founder / CEO