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Hitch Hotel Inc.
24852 Ave Rockefeller
Valencia, CA 91355


 (661) 214-5200


Hitch Hotel™ : The anywhere hotel room.  

The Hitch Hotel™ is a comfortable and secure anytime, anywhere hotel room. No more reservations, tents, unwieldy RVs, or DMV restrictions--just drive, adventure, slide out and sleep. Made for the modern road-warrior, the Hitch Hotel hitches to any vehicle with a minimum Class 2 hitch and will go as far as you're willing to take it. Wheel-free and totally suspended off the ground, it is designed to give you a safe and streamlined place to call home wherever you are. In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel™ provides over 60 cubic feet of secured, suspended, watertight space for all your gear like bikes, coolers, bags, and sporting goods. In its open position, the Hitch Hotel™ is a patented, revolutionary sleep-space with over 135 comfortable cubic feet for 2-3 adult adventurers.


No more hassles, no more sleeping on the ground. Just you, the open road, and your anywhere hotel room. 


 Hitch Hotel



Wherever you're going, whenever you get there, your room is ready. Just hitch us to your vehicle and slide out when ready to sleep.

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