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Hitch Hotel Inc.
24852 Ave Rockefeller
Valencia, CA 91355


 (661) 214-5200


Introducing the ALL NEW, Expandable, Wheel-less, and Lightweight Hitch Hotel



Transporting the Hitch Hotel couldn't be easier. With the light-weight framework, aerodynamic housing, and no-wheels, it is an organic extension of your vehicle.

All Hitch Hotels are designed and built to be watertight and secure so that you and your valuables are protected from intruders and mother nature.

Keep up to 3 full-size bikes protected by transporting them inside your Hitch Hotel Cargo or Classic.

When expanded, the Hitch Hotel provides enough room for two or more adults to comfortably sleep in a vented and spacious interior.


 The Hitch Hotel is designed with ease-of-use in mind. While traveling to your destination, it is a secure storage box. When you arrive at your destination, only a few steps are required to get sleep-ready. First use the lift system so that the adjustable legs can be folded out and locked in place. With the front legs on the ground, simply unlock and pull the Hitch Hotel into its open position with ease. A second set of legs in the rear folds out to support the trailer, and your Hitch Hotel is now ready! Disconnect it from your vehicle upon your desire and leave it at the campsite while you adventure.


In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel can serve as a secure and watertight cargo carrier.


The Hitch Hotel in its closed position is excellent for storing and transporting valuable equipment safely and securely.


 While expanded, it becomes a sleeping area wide enough to comfortably sleep three adults.

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