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Hitch Hotel Inc.
24852 Ave Rockefeller
Valencia, CA 91355


 (661) 214-5200


Can my car support the Hitch Hotel Classic?

Any car with a minimum-rated Class II hitch receiver can support the Hitch Hotel Classic. Class II hitch receivers support 350lbs. of tongue weight and are usually 2″ square tube. However, a Class III hitch receiver is recommended. They support a tongue weight of 600lbs., and are 2″ square tube. The Hitch Hotel™ comes standard with a 2″ square tube hitch assembly.

How much does the Hitch Hotel weigh?

The Hitch Hotel Classic weighs approximately 230 lbs unloaded. It can safely carry up to an additional 150 lbs. while in transit. This weight depends on the class rating of your hitch receiver.

Does the Hitch Hotel Classic require any heavy lifting?

The Hitch Hotel Classic comes standard with a lifting system, so the majority of setup at your campsite is effortless.

Does the Hitch Hotel Classic move away from the back of the car to access a vehicles rear entrance?

The Hitch Hotel Classic has an optional 16″ slide attachment that will be available early 2019. 

Is the Hitch Hotel Classic portable? 

Yes. The Hitch Hotel Classic comes standard with wheels for mobility.

Is the Hitch Hotel well vented?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel Classic comes standard with 1 roof vent, and 2 windows that open for proper ventilation. The window design, which is patent pending, is exclusive to the Hitch Hotel brand.

Does the Hitch Hotel have power on board?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel comes standard with a USB port and 1 12 volt light. Additional power and lighting options will be available in the future.

Is there a mattress inside the Hitch Hotel?

No. A mattress option will be available in the future.

Is the Hitch Hotel equipped with air conditioning?

No. At this time we are working on an A/C adapting assembly that will be available mid-summer 2019.

Does the Hitch Hotel have a bathroom on board?

No. However, the Hitch Hotel Classic will have an optional micro sink and water tank available in the future.