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Introducing the Hitch Hotel™

World’s First Expandable Wheel-less Trailer

U.S. Utility Patent # 9,636,958

The Hitch Hotel™ is the “World’s First Expandable Wheel-less Trailer™” It’s supported by a vehicle’s trailer hitch and does NOT require wheels to transport it to its destination. In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel™ provides over 60 cubic feet of secured, watertight space. Bicycles, ice chests, luggage, sporting goods, all can be transported safely in the Hitch Hotel™. In its open position, the Hitch Hotel™ becomes a RV that provides over 135 cubic feet of space. Two full size adults can comfortably sleep inside the Hitch Hotel™.


In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel can serve as a secure and watertight cargo carrier.


The Hitch Hotel™ in its closed position is excellent for storing and transporting valuable equipment safely and securely.


While expanded, it becomes a sleeping area wide enough to comfortably sleep three adults.

Introducing the ALL NEW, Expandable, Wheel-less, and Lightweight Hitch Hotel™


Every once in a while a product comes around that completely changes the status quo. A product that makes us say “Of course, it’s so simple!” The Hitch Hotel™ does exactly that by changing the way we go RVing. Developed over the last 3 years, the Hitch Hotel™ is the “World’s First Expandable Wheel-less Trailer™”. In its closed position, the Hitch Hotel™ is a storage locker for all your stuff! Bikes, luggage, tools, fishing poles, snowboards, wakeboards etc, all store inside securely as you travel to your destination. When open, the Hitch Hotel™ becomes a comfortable bed for three! With over 7ft. of length, and 135 cubic feet of space, you’ll get lost inside as you rest comfortably waiting for tomorrow’s next adventure.

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  • hitch-hotel-trailer-front-open2
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  • hitch-hotel-trailer-closed-front3
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  • hitch-hotel-trailer-closed-front
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Features & Hightlights

Built from T6 aluminum and light weight fiberglass, the Hitch Hotel™ will fit on ANY vehicle with a Class III trailer hitch. Additionally, most Class II hitch assemblies can support the Hitch Hotel depending on the vehicles GVWR.(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) Highway towing restrictions do not apply because there are NO WHEELS! Simply arrive at your vacation spot and set it up! Completely self supportive, the Hitch Hotel™ has internal legs that drop into place. There’s no heavy lifting, and you can disconnect the Hitch Hotel from your vehicle anywhere. And when your journey is over, the Hitch Hotel stores in less than 3 feet of space!

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    On the Road

    Transporting the Hitch Hotel™ couldn't be easier. With the light-weight framework, aerodynamic housing, and no-wheels, it is an organic extension of your vehicle.

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    Perfect for Bicycles

    Keep up to 3 full-size bikes protected by transporting them inside your Hitch Hotel™ Cargo or Classic.

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    Safe & Secure

    All Hitch Hotels™ are designed and built to be watertight and secure so that you and your valuables are protected from intruders and mother nature.

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    Camping & Recreation

    When expanded, the Hitch Hotel™ provides enough room for two or more adults to comfortably sleep in a vented and spacious interior.


Engineered to be light and durable, the Hitch Hotel™ is hand built and tested to meet our quality standards.

aluminum frame

Every Hitch Hotel™ product is built on a frame of T6 Aluminum. Not only is it extremely lightweight, but it’s also weather resistant. Each frame is TIG welded by hand to exacting specifications.

fiberglass shell

Using race boat technology, the Hitch Hotel™ shell is hand laid by fiberglass experts in California. Only the strongest and lightest materials are used. Each Hitch Hotel™ is Gel Coated with only the finest UV protective finishes.

easy vehicle access

While in transport, the Hitch Hotel™ can easily be slid back from the vehicle bumper for access. Using our optional Patented Tuning Fork Technology, the entire unit can be moved back 18″ by simply releasing a safety locking assembly.

safe and secure storage

With high mounted tail lights and a locking access door, everything will be safe and secure as you travel to your destination. No more theft worries, or water/road damage concerns. The Hitch Hotel™ solves everything.

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